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Like all charities or churches today the Maid of Heaven Foundation has financial needs that must be provided for through donations from people like YOU! Unlike almost all charities or churches today, however, none of the money that is donated to the Maid of Heaven Foundation is ever used to pay administrative salaries because we only have volunteers on our staff. This means that 100% of every penny that you donate goes toward helping us to fulfill our mission to improve our world by helping people to better LOVE GOD and LIVE FREE as inspired by our patroness St. Joan of Arc. If you believe in our mission and want to be a part of our "army" then please consider supporting us financially. Directly below on this page is the donate button where you can choose how much and how often you would like to make a donation to us. Further down this page explains the different support levels and the gifts you will receive at each level. A BIG THANKS TO EVERYONE WHO ANSWERS THE CALL!

BECOME A FULL MEMBER OF THE MAID OF HEAVEN FOUNDATION AND RECEIVE THE 2016 JOAN OF ARC PRINT Anyone who donates at least $30 will automatically become a full member of the Maid of Heaven Foundation for one year and receive the 2016 Joan of Arc Print shown below as a thank you gift. This beautiful Joan of Arc artwork is suitable for framing and will fit well in any standard 8x10 picture frame. For more details please click the picture of St. Joan below to see the full size of the print and see how great it looks framed. Another great benefit of becoming a full member is access to all of our special resources listed on the MEMBER RESOURCES PAGE accessible only with a username and password that you will receive after you join. ***ADDITIONAL GIFTS TO EVERYONE WHO DONATES AT LEAST $30*** Will Include a 4x6 Photograph of Joan of Arc on Horseback as shown above on this Page!

Click to see full size Joan of Arc print

BECOME AN ELITE SUPPORTER AND RECEIVE A SIGNED COPY OF THE BOOK MAID OF HEAVEN Anyone who donates at least $100 or more will receive a signed copy of the book Maid of Heaven in addition to the 2016 Joan of Arc Print and Gifts. Genuine new copies of the book Maid of Heaven are only available through the Maid of Heaven Foundation and each one is personally signed by author Ben D. Kennedy. Click here for more details about the book Maid of Heaven: The Story of Saint Joan of Arc

Click for more about Maid of Heaven The Story of Saint Joan of ArcClick for more about Maid of Heaven The Story of Saint Joan of Arc

FAMILY MEMBERSHIPS If you would like to join the Maid of Heaven Foundation as a family then please click on the Donate Button below. A family of two adults and an unlimited number of children under the age of 18 can join together by donating $50 and you will receive two of the 2015 Joan of Arc Prints as a thank you gift along with the other gifts. Please make sure that you send to us with your payment or by email the names of the two adults in your family as well as the names of your children.

The William Tell Project

The Maid of Heaven Foundation is leading the charge to restore freedom and liberty to America thru sponsoring The William Tell Project! There are already tens of thousands of people involved in this project and over ten thousand in the William Tell Project Facebook Group alone but we want to reach even more people because the message of William Tell is so crucial to helping people to live free. We particularly need funding right now to print hard copes of the William Tell book for distribution. By using the button below your donation will be used specifically for funding The William Tell Project. And if you donate at least $30 you will still become a full member of The Maid of Heaven Foundation and receive all the same gifts and benefits as any full member.

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