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Joan of Arc's History for Kids

Joan of Arc at Orleans Battle illustration used in Warrior Maid

The life of Joan of Arc is well received by children and teenagers when it is presented to them in a way that they can easily understand and relate to. Unfortunately, some of the pages here at may be a little too academically challenging for younger people not yet schooled in serious historical research. In order to try to aid our younger visitors the following pages are listed as the best ones for educating a younger audience about Saint Joan of Arc.

Quick Facts about the Life of Joan of Arc contains the basic history of Joan of Arc from her birth to her death and includes maps and many pictures.

Historical Pictures and Paintings of Joan of Arc is a sequence of pictures showing what Joan of Arc was thought to have looked like according to various artists throughout history.

Abe Van Luik's online biography for children
Joan's basic bio written especially for children by Abe Van Luik of

Andrew Lang's biography for children
Published in 1916 as part of The Children's Heroes Series. Full book online.

A Heroine of France: The Story of Joan of Arc
is a historical novel for younger readers. Full book online at

JOAN OF ARC The Warrior Maid
is another historical novel for younger readers with beautiful illustrations. Full book online.

The animated movie below posted at YouTube was made by Discovery Education and covers Joan of Arc's life in an entertaining and resonably accurate way that is geared toward kids. Suitable for all ages.

Animated Joan of Arc Hero

The videos below posted at YouTube are from the Wishbone episode titled "Bone of Arc" and do a reasonably good job of telling the story of Joan of Arc while integrating it with the struggles of modern kids. Suitable for all ages.

Part One of Wishbone: Bone of Arc.

Part Two of Wishbone: Bone of Arc.

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