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The Story of Joan of Arc
by Andrew Lang

Cover for Andrew Lang's The Story of Joan of Arc

Originally published in 1906 and republished in 1916 as part of The Children's Heroes Series, which included the illustration above, this is a well written biography by one of the nineteenth century's best writers and historians. Targeted toward young people however this biography is well written and provides a good history of Joan of Arc for people of all ages. Andrew Lang had a passion for history and for teaching the true history of Joan of Arc which is seen in this book's dedication:


Dear Angela,
May I dedicate this little book to you, who are already a friend of the Maid?
As you grow up you will meet certain wise people who will tell you that there was never any such person as Joan of Arc, or that, if she ever lived, she was mad, or an imposter. If you ask them how they know that, they will probably reply that Science is the source of their information. You can then answer that you prefer to begin with History, and ask these wise people if they have read even so much as Monsieur Quicherat's five volumes containing the Trial of Joan, and the evidence of her friends and enemies who knew her in her lifetime? As the books are in Latin and Old French, the people who speak about Joan disrespectfully have not read them, and do not know what they are talking about.
                                                                        "They say: What they say? Let them say!"
                                                                                                            Affectionately yours,
                                                                                                                                    A. LANG.

Table of Contents for The Story of Joan of Arc

                          Chapter I The Childhood of Joan of Arc
                          Chapter II How the Voices Came to the Maid
                          Chapter III How the Maid Obeyed the Voices
                          Chapter IV How Joan Heard News Strangely
                          Chapter V How the Maid Saw the Dauphin
                          Chapter VI How the Maid Rode to Orleans
                          Chapter VII How the Maid Saved Orleans
                          Chapter VIII How the Maid Took the Town of Jargeau
                          Chapter IX How Joan Defeated the English in Fair Field
                          Chapter X How Joan Led the Dauphin to be Crowned
                          Chapter XI How the Maid was Betrayed at Paris
                          Chapter XII How the Maid Took Certain Towns
                          Chapter XIII How the Voices Prophesied Evil
                          Chapter XIV How the Maid was Taken
                          Chapter XV The Captivity of the Maid
                          Chapter XVI The Trial of the Maid
                          Chapter XVII How the Priests Betrayed the Maid
                          Chapter XVIII The End of the Maid
                          Chapter XIX The Second Trial of the Maid

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