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Historical Pictures of Saint Joan of Arc

While there have been a vast number of pictures created to honor Saint Joan of Arc, none were painted while she was alive so we can only guess as to what she really looked like. There is some historical evidence about her appearance in the writings of her contemporaries like Jean d'Aulon, the head of her military household, who said she was "beautiful and well-formed." Such description is very limited, however, which may explain why so many different artists have attempted to capture Joan of Arc in art. It is enjoyable as well as educating to view some of the different pictures of Saint Joan so I included 17 full-page pictures in Maid of Heaven. On the following pages here at the website are also some of my favorites. By the way, if you have not figured it out yet, the picture by Jules Bastien-Lepage that was used for the cover of Maid of Heaven is my personal favorite of Saint Joan of Arc.

Picture of Joan of Arc used on the cover of Maid of Heaven:  The Story of Saint Joan of Arc


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