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A Heroine of France
The Story of Joan of Arc

by Evelyn Everett-Green

Historical novel published in 1903 that is aimed at younger readers but provides a good history about Joan of Arc and is entertaining and easy to read.

Table of Contents for
A Heroine of France: The Story of Joan of Arc

                          Chapter I How I First Heard of the Maid
                          Chapter II How I First Saw the Maid
                          Chapter III How the Maid Came to Vaucouleurs
                          Chapter IV How the Maid Was Tried and Tested
                          Chapter V How the Maid Journeyed to Chinon
                          Chapter VI How the Maid Came to the King
                          Chapter VII How the Maid Was Hindered; Yet Made Preparation
                          Chapter VIII How the Maid Marched For Orleans
                          Chapter IX How the Maid Assumed Command At Orleans
                          Chapter X How the Maid Led Us Into Battle
                          Chapter XI How the Maid Bore Triumph and Trouble
                          Chapter XII How the Maid Raised the Siege
                          Chapter XIII How the Maid Won a New Name
                          Chapter XIV How the Maid Cleared the King’s Way
                          Chapter XV How the Maid Rode With the King
                          Chapter XVI How the Maid Accomplished Her Mission
                          Chapter XVII How the Maid Was Persuaded
                          Chapter XVIII How I Last Saw the Maid

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