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The Birth Of Christmas by Ben D. Kennedy
"...a story to tell again and again because of the necessity to remind:
How on one silent night God Himself came for you and for me!
And whosoever accepts His Christmas Gift gains LIFE ETERNALLY!"

There is a very simple and effective way to restore the true meaning to Christmas and that is to tell the amazing story of the birth of Jesus Christ because His birth is the greatest in all of history and the miraculous events surrounding His birth dramatically display the incredible love that God has for all of us. Unfortunately people today are easily distracted by all the worthless trappings of the world during the huge Christmas holiday celebration and miss completely the great significance of THE BIRTH of Christ. This is however nothing new for human beings as God speaking to the author of The Imitation of Christ lamented centuries ago:

“…many love to listen to the world rather than to God, they follow after the desires of the flesh more readily than after the good pleasure of God. The world promiseth things that are temporal and small, and it is served with great eagerness. I promise things that are great and eternal, and the hearts of mortals are slow to stir.”..

If there is one event in history that should cause the “hearts of mortals” to "stir" greatly it is the birth of Jesus Christ because of all that it means to every one of us yet the sad fact is that each year during Christmas more people read a fantasy poem about a jolly fat man in a red suit giving gifts of insignificant value than read the Biblical accounts about THE BIRTH of Christ. But now we can forever change people’s focus during Christmas by giving them an easy to read poem that lyrically details all the miraculous events that transpired during THE BIRTH which will surely inspire everyone who reads it to properly celebrate God’s great gift to all of us.

All members of The Maid of Heaven Foundation have full access to THE BIRTH of Christmas at all times at the link below and during the Christmas Holiday Season we also make it available online for everyone to be able to read so you can easily share it with all your friends.

Read THE BIRTH of Christmas ONLINE NOW!
"You hold in your hands the amazing true story of the greatest birth in all of human history: THE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST. For over two thousand years people have celebrated His birth because it shows so dramatically the incredible love that God Almighty has for all of us. Sadly the great significance of THE BIRTH on that first Christmas day is no longer well understood by people today and the telling of this incredible story has even been replaced during Christmas by a fantasy poem about a jolly fat man in a red suit giving gifts of insignificant value. God has given us all
A GIFT BEYOND COMPARE and this poem about THE BIRTH of Christmas declares it again for all the world to hear!"

CONTINUING AGAIN THIS YEAR FOR CHRISTMAS 2021 WE HAVE PRINTED COPIES OF THE BIRTH OF CHRISTMAS THAT WE ARE WILLING TO GIVE TO MINISTERS AND OTHER CHRISTIAN LEADERS SO THAT THEY WILL BE ABLE TO BETTER TEACH THE STORY OF THE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST TO EVERYONE! If you would like to help support this effort to distribute free copies of THE BIRTH of Christmas book you can contribute to help us pay for the costs of the books and shipping by making a donation at the link below:

*** If you would like us to SEND YOUR MINISTER A COPY of THE BIRTH of Christmas for Christmas this year then just send us their name and address to our Email Here and please consider donating at least $5 to cover the cost of the book and shipping.

The Birth Of Christmas by Ben D. Kennedy Cover Back

The Birth Of Christmas available at worship centers and stores everywhere
Please contact us by email by clicking here if you would like to purchase copies of THE BIRTH of Christmas for distribution at your woship center or for sale at your store. We can offer very large discounts off of the suggested retail price of $5.99 to anyone who can make wholesale purchases of at least 100 copies at a time. We also give away flyers containing the cover (front and back like pictured above) with all wholesale orders to help you better promote the book.
The Birth Of Christmas cover front and back

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