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The Birth Of Christmas by Ben D. Kennedy

This epic poem was born out my desire to teach the complete story of the birth of Christ and the difficulty I had in doing so during a recent church service. The gospel accounts describing the birth in Matthew and Luke contain different parts of the story and it is necessary to use both accounts to tell the complete story. Unfortunately this is easier said than done as you must go back and forth to give a sequential account and it is easy to get mixed up about what happened exactly when. Another option I have used over the years is reading the first part of the novel Ben Hur by Lew Wallace which presents a highly detailed account of the events in their proper order. Unfortunately this account is so detailed and so lengthy that it is not feasible to read during a church service and few people ever seem to actually read it themselves. So, I decided it was time I created a poem that would detail all the critical events involved in the Birth of Christ in their proper sequence in a way that would both educate as well as inspire people with this incredible story. The result is my epic poem below titled:

THE BIRTH of Christmas!

‘Tis a story that begins such a very long time ago,
With the holy sages being the first ones to know.
The birth of a child who was predestined to be:
The savior from God for all of a lost humanity!

Their prophecies foretold of the great sign to believe,
That an untouched virgin would miraculously conceive.
From her womb would come forth God’s only son.
Born in such a way to show that He was the one!

Many years would pass before it all would unfold,
But the Christ would come exactly as was foretold.
The prophets had foreseen how His birth was to be,
And it happened precisely this way as we shall soon see.

In Nazareth there lived a young virgin girl named Mary.
Already she was betrothed and in preparations to marry.
Her future husband Joseph was the carpenter of their town,
A fine man, he was also in the line of David of past renown.

‘Twas then that God sent His angel to Mary with His decree:
“Hail, thou that are highly favored, the Lord is with thee.”
“Thou hast found favor with God, Thou wilt conceive His son.”
But Mary was troubled and asked the angel how it could be done.

“The Holy Spirit will come upon thee” explained the angel of God:
“So the Holy thing born of thee will also be the Son of God.”
Mary faithfully responded: “Behold the handmaid of the Lord.”
“May it be unto thy humble servant according to thy word.”

When Joseph found out Mary was pregnant he was quite riled.
He loved her but was unable to accept how she was with child.
Being a just man he wanted to put her away with the least alarm,
Otherwise Jewish law might be imposed resulting in great harm.

While he thought it over he had the greatest dream of his life.
In it he was told: “Fear not to take unto thee Mary for thy wife.”
The angel also told Joseph exactly Who her baby would be,
He was to be called JESUS and would set all His people free.

As the baby grew in Mary’s womb God prepared for His birthday
In far off lands three wise men saw His star showing them the way,
To cross the desert from the east so that they could go and find,
The one they believed would be King of kings for all of mankind.

God also had to move Mary where the birth was prophesied to be.
For this even mighty Caesar played a part with his census decree.
Since Joseph was of the line of David to Bethlehem they must go,
To be taxed in the city of his fathers like all under Roman control.

A long journey for a young woman who was heavily with child.
She bore all that was ever asked, being herself so meek and mild.
Joseph tried to make Mary comfortable during the difficult trip,
As she rode along behind him on a donkey trusting his leadership.

They traveled South for days along well worn paths that led:
To the eternal city of Jerusalem where so much lay ahead.
On one fateful day their son would fulfill His destiny there,
Taking upon Himself the cross that He alone could bear.

But as they passed by they knew nothing about that future day.
Their only thoughts on Bethlehem; would there be room to stay?
The city of David was sure to be full of many visitors like them,
So their prospect of finding room for the night looked very grim.

They arrived in Bethlehem just as the sun was going down.
As feared there were too many people overloading the little town.
Joseph still checked at the Inn to see if there was a place to stay,
But the Innkeeper gave him the bad news and turned him away.

No room at the Inn and with Mary so close to giving birth,
Joseph knew they must do better than sleep out upon the earth.
If all else failed they could stay where their ancestors had before,
In the stable with the animals there was at least a warm dry floor.

So they made their beds where the beasts of burden were kept.
But they knew it was also the place King David had once slept.
And since the King that was to be born was from his royal line,
It was the perfect place to come into the world for the child Divine.

During the night He made His arrival in the sleeping little town.
Mary wrapped Him in swaddling clothes to serve as His first gown.
She then laid Him in a manger where everyone would soon see,
The baby born to save all of humanity which includes you and me.

Out in the fields shepherds watched their flock for ones that strayed.
Suddenly brilliant light shone all around them making them afraid.
Then they heard an angel speaking sweetly words they did enjoy:
“Fear not: for behold, I bring unto you good tidings of great joy.”

Before this herald of God the shepherds all fell upon their knees.
None ever imagined that they would hear such words as these:
“For this day is born in the city of David a Savior for you!
He is Christ the Lord and this shall be the sign unto you.”

The sign they were given described how the baby would be found,
Lying in a manger in swaddling clothes with animals all around.
The shepherds were amazed that they were the ones to be told,
But God often chooses such people because of their hearts of gold.

Suddenly many angels began praising God over and over again:
“Glory to God in the highest, on earth peace, good will toward men.”
For what seemed like forever the angelic host celebrated all around.
The shepherds could only stare at what was clearly meant to astound.

After the angels had finally gone away the shepherds said en mass:
“Let us go into Bethlehem and see this thing which is come to pass.”
The shepherds knew well the one place where the baby had to be.
Only in the old stable was there such a manger so they went to see.

Down in the little town of Bethlehem everyone was wide awake.
The brilliant lights had come from God; there could be no mistake.
While they discussed with each other as to what it all might mean,
The shepherds arrived to tell about all that they had heard and seen.

“Christ is Born!” they proclaimed for everyone’s enlightenment.
“And we know where to find Him,” they said with great excitement.
Leading the way they soon found Him exactly as they had been told,
Lying in a manger beside Mary & Joseph; a precious sight to behold!

Many people came to see Him wondering if what was said was true.
The prophecy of a Messiah sent to save was one they all well knew.
But could this innocent babe really be the one they were waiting for?
The one foretold to be the King everyone should worship and adore.

As the shepherds returned home they continued praising God’s Glory,
Sharing with all who would hear they thus spread the wondrous story.
The brilliant lights seen far and wide helped many people to believe,
But none of them could even begin to imagine all He would achieve.

Twelve days after His birth the wise men arrived at Jerusalem’s gate.
Their question: “Where is He Born King of the Jews?” ignited debate.
The people were confused because Herod their King was an old man.
Who were these three men who looked to be Kings of a foreign land?

“We have seen His star in the East and have come to worship Him,”
They explained to convince everyone their question was no whim.
They had traveled far to find Him and were serious in their intent.
No rest until they had seen the chosen one God Almighty had sent.

As word of them began to spread King Herod was deeply distressed,
He called together his chief priests for the question to be addressed:
Where was the Christ to be born according to the prophets of old?
There is only one place and that is Bethlehem; King Herod was told.

Herod then called for the three wise men to ask them about the star,
He wanted to know when it appeared and how it led them from afar.
He then sent them to Bethlehem to find the child and to let him know,
So he could also go to worship Him; but his words were just a show.

After the audience with Herod was over the wise men started out.
And when the star appeared again to lead them they had no doubt.
They rejoiced with exceeding great joy knowing they would soon be,
In the presence of the Holy One that they were greatly longing to see.

The star went before them until it stood right over Bethlehem town.
And when they arrived and saw Him with Mary they all fell down.
And they worshiped Him and presented Him gifts they had brought,
Of gold, frankincense, myrrh; for He was truly Who they had sought.

The epiphany the wise men experienced was never for them alone,
They represented all the nations to whom God desired it be known:
He loved the world so much that He had sent His only begotten son,
To restore forever peace between God and man by redeeming everyone!

And thus completes the story of His birth and revelation to mankind.
A story to tell again and again because of the necessity to remind:
How on one silent night God Himself came for you and for me!
And whosoever accepts His Christmas Gift gains LIFE ETERNALLY!


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