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The life of Saint Joan of Arc is the best documented of anyone that is not from modern times. She was officially examined by the Catholic Church three different times; first, in Poitiers before she was given command of the French army, second, in Rouen at the trial that condemned her, and third, when the Church overturned her trial of condemnation. Each time her life was completely examined from the time she was born to her death. The official records of the last two examinations have survived and give a wealth of information about Joan of Arc. The following pages here at attempt to organize her history into a presentable format to aid both the scholar seeking in-depth information and the novice merely wanting an overview into the life of Joan of Arc. Start you quest to learn more about Joan of Arc by visiting one of the pages below: pages devoted to teaching the historical truth about Saint Joan of Arc's life:

Quick Facts about the Life of Joan of Arc is a great place to start for those who are not real familiar with the history of Joan of Arc. Tracing her life from birth to death this page explains the highlights of Joan's life and includes pictures and maps.

Timeline about the Life of Joan of Arc is a very detailed timeline about Joan's life starting with her birth in 1412 thru her canonization in 1920.

Long Biography and History of Joan of Arc contains a very extensive list of resources related to the life of Joan of Arc. You will be able to find virtually anything you ever wanted to know about Joan of Arc on one of the available resources listed on this page.

Joan of Arc Quotes lists quotes about Joan of Arc and a long list of quotes by Joan of Arc. The best way to really learn about Joan of Arc is to read the actual words that she spoke.

Reference Material related to Joan of Arc contains an extensive list of useful sources for studying Joan of Arc and includes links to many free books available online.

Frequently Asked Questions Relating to the Life and History of Saint Joan Of Arc contains answers to some of the more common questions that people have about Joan of Arc.

Reviews of Books and Movies about the life of Joan of Arc is a page that is very useful for finding the best books and movies to learn about Joan of Arc. In-depth reviews of some of the most popular books and movies about Joan of Arc in terms of their historical accuracy.

Official Pronouncement of Canonization Ceremony making Joan of Arc a Saint is a translation of the official Vatican ceremony pronouncing Joan of Arc a Saint on May 16, 1920.

Joan of Arc disambiguation -explanation of the different uses of her name explains the proper use and pronunciation of Joan of Arc's name from a historical standpoint.

Historical Pictures and Paintings of Joan of Arc is a sequence of pictures containing historical artwork dedicated to Joan of Arc that exemplifies all of the art that has been created to honor her life.

Joan of Arc Pictures and Artistic Representations is an index of all the pages at containing pictures of Joan of Arc.

Description of the painting by Jules Bastien-Lepage of Joan of Arc and her Voices shows the famous painting by Jules Bastien-Lepage of Joan of Arc in the garden of her house with her Voices.

Painting by Lenepveu of Saint Joan of Arc being Burned at the Stake shows the famous painting of Joan of Arc being burned at the stake by Jules-Eugène Lenepveu.

Page about St. Catherine, one of Joan of Arc's Voices giving backgound information about Catherine of Alexandria with links to more detailed biographical data.

Trial of Condemnation record translated by W.P. Barrett is an invaluable resource containing dialoge between Joan of Arc and her judges at her trial of condemnation that took place in Rouen and condemned her to death.

Long list of sites related to Joan of Arc that contain even more information about Joan of Arc presented in a variety of interesting ways.

Free Movies and Videos about Joan of Arc contains the full movie The Passion of Joan of Arc by Carl Dreyer and some other videos about Joan of Arc available online.

Joan of Arc and her Scottish Knights explains the part that soldiers from Scotland played in helping Joan defeat the English.

A Monk of Fife: A Romance of the Days of Jeanne D'Arc is the complete book by Andrew Lang that is a fictional account of Scots fighting with Joan of Arc.

Friedrich Schiller's play Maid of Orleans is the entire play Maid of Orleans available online free here at

George Bernard Shaw's Saint Joan is the entire play Saint Joan available online free here at

Mark Twain's writings about Joan of Arc contains Mark Twain's essay on Joan of Arc and a brief explanation of his writings about her.

Mark Twain's Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc is the full book by Mark Twain about Joan of Arc available online free here at This is probably the best fictional account of Joan of Arc's life ever written.

Joan of Arc's History for Kids contains links to the best pages for a younger audience as well as a video history suitable for all ages.

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