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The Trial of Joan of Arc

By W.P Barrett

The Trial of Joan of Arc (Trial of Jeanne d'Arc) by W.P. Barrett is a translation of the original Latin and French trial records that were compiled during Joan of Arc's trial. This translation into English is an invaluable resource for learning about Joan of Arc during her trial which took place in the spring of 1431.

Table of Contents

            vii Introduction
      Page 3 Here Begin the Proceedings
      Page 26 The Officers Appointed take Oath
      Page 32 The First Public Session
      Page 41 Thursday, February 22nd. Second Session
      Page 48 February 24th. Third Session
      Page 57 Tuesday, February 27th. Fourth Session
      Page 67 March 1st. Fifth Session
      Page 77 Saturday, March 3rd. Sixth Session
      Page 89 First Session in Prison
      Page 94 The Vicar of the Lord Inquisitor is Summoned
      Page 103 Tuesday, March 13th
      Page 119 Thursday, March 15th In Prison
      Page 125 Saturday, March 17th. In Prison
      Page 133 The Statements are Presented to the Assessors
      Page 138 Here Begins the Ordinary Trial
      Page 146 The Tenor of the Articles of Accusation
      Page 181 This Wednesday after Palm Sunday, 1431
      Page 240 Saturday, the Last Day of March, in Prison
      Page 243 The Digest is Submitted to the Assessors
      Page 252 The Tenor of the Deliberations
      Page 271 Eleven Advocates of the Court of Rouen Give their Opinions
      Page 285 Jeanne is Charitably Exhorted
      Page 290 Public Admonition of The Maid
      Page 303 She is Threatened with Torture
      Page 307 The Deliberations of the University of Paris are Read
      Page 315 Here follow the Articles concerning the Words and Deeds of Jeanne
      Page 324 The Deliberation & Doctrinal Judgment of Venerable Faculty of Decrees
      Page 330 Jeanne's Faults are Expounded to Her
      Page 341 The Public Sermon. Jeanne Recants
      Page 346 Sentence after the Abjuration
      Page 349 The Trial for Relapse. Jeanne Resumes Man's Dress
      Page 352 Tuesday, May 29th
      Page 358 May 30th, the Last Day of This Trial
      Page 367 Subsequent Documents
      Page 387 Dramatis Personae by Pierre Champion
      Page 475 On the Trial of Jeanne d'Arc by Pierre Champion
      Page 541 Bibliography

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