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by Jean Brittain

Because of the brilliance of St. Joan of Arcís life it is easy to forget the many soldiers who fought with Joan who were themselves unique and fascinating people and who helped Joan to accomplish the amazing military feats that she performed. One of her captains that is near and dear to my own heart was a Scot named Hugh Kennedy. Hugh was a knight who fought with Joan at all of her great victories and was present at the coronation of Charles VII but little more than that is found in most of the history books on Joan of Arc. I always wanted to know more about Hugh so I was thrilled when author Jean Brittain, from Hughís hometown in Scotland, contacted me several years ago while she was doing research for a biography about Hugh Kennedy. Jean gave me some fascinating details about this captain of Joanís who many have said was her most loyal captain. Jean was even gracious enough then to write a short biography about Hugh that is posted at HERE that further wetted my appetite to know more about this extraordinary man. Now finally Jean gives us all the details about Hugh in an in-depth biography she has titled Hugh Kennedy of Ardstinchar: Joan of Arcís Scottish Captain which I highly recommend to everyone interested in Joan of Arc as a way to more fully understand all the details of Joanís life.

Coat of Arms for Hugh Kennedy of Ardstinchar

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