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Patriot Day 2nd Amendment Freedom Rally 5/26/2020 at Kentucky Capital Frankfort Kentucky

On May 24, 2020, The Maid of Heaven Foundation sponsored a Patriot Day 2nd Amendment Rally to educate and inspire everyone to LOVE GOD & LIVE FREE by honoring and remembering America’s Original Patriots. The central purpose of this rally was to be like God’s people down through the ages and remember how powerfully God has always helped His people like the Original American Patriots who took a stand against tyranny on April 19, 1775, and eventually won their Freedom. Ben Kennedy explained this to everyone after welcoming the crowd gathered at the back steps of the Capitol Building on a hot and humid Sunday afternoon at the Kentucky State Capital in Frankfort. The powerful example of how God’s people remembered and celebrated their heritage in the same way in Joshua 5:10 just before winning their great victory at Jericho helped set the stage for all that was to follow at this special rally for Freedom!

Patriot Day 2nd Amendment Rally May 24,2020
Maid of Heaven Foundation Banner at Patriot Day 2nd Amendment Freedom Rally

After the opening welcome Ben Kennedy led everyone in prayer asking God to send His Holy Spirit to lead the gathering forward in honoring America’s Original Patriots and standing for freedom. Ben Kennedy then gave the history of the Original American Patriots who stood their ground on April 19, 1775 against the British who were trying to confiscate their guns and arrest their leaders. Ben challenged everyone to stand their ground today against the same kind of tyranny by repeating the famous words of Captain John Parker that he said to his men on April 19, 1775: “Stand your ground! Don’t fire unless fired upon! But if they mean to have a war let it begin here!”

Captain John Parker monument

Next the Star Spangled Banner was sung with musical guest Lindsey Shake of the duo JacknLindsey leading the crowd in singing not only the first stanza, as is the usual custom, but also the last stanza which is such a powerful declaration of America’s Blessing by God.

American Flag and Last Stanza of the Star Spangled Banner by Francis Scott Key

Over the course of the next hour several political candidates spoke about restoring freedom to the USA by electing people who genuinely support freedom and the United States Constitution. Then came a rousing speech by Pastor Chris Christman about not allowing the corrupt politicians of today to scare people into giving up their rights because of the corona virus. “I serve the one true and living God who conquers all enemies. Why should we give our freedom and our liberties up for such fear, propaganda and all the garbage that is coming out of Frankfort today?”

Pastor Cliff Christmas at Patriot Day Rally

After Pastor Christman finished speaking Ben Kennedy reminded everyone of the strong faith the Original American Patriots had by reading what Patrick Henry said just before he said the famous words: Give Me Liberty or Give Me Death! "But we shall not fight our battle alone. There is a just God that presides over the destinies of nations. The battle, sir, is not to the strong alone. Is life so dear or peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery? Forbid it Almighty God. I know not what course others may take, but as for me, give me liberty, or give me death!" Jeff Johnson then led everyone in saying the American Pledge of Allegiance.

Then it was time to honor all American soldiers since it was Memorial Day Weekend. An armed forces medley was played while veterans in the crowd were saluted as they came forward to receive an American flag. Ben Kennedy also gave some more history about America’s first soldiers and their minister Jonas Clark since almost all of them were from the same church in Lexington, Massachusetts. On the morning that the “shot heard round the world” was fired in Lexington Pastor Clark was asked if his men were ready to which he had famously replied: “I have trained them for this very hour; they would fight, and, if need be, die, too, under the shadow of the house of God.” (For more about these original patriots visit our page here)

American Veterans receiving Flags
American Patriot Celebraing memorial Day

Next came several compelling speakers including inner-city Minister Pharoah Nuahzee who talked about how much the shutdowns because of the corona virus had hurt his community and how it was being driven by the enemies of God.

Following him was Dr. Frank Simon who was someone many had particularly looked forward to hearing since Dr. Simon is a Medical Doctor specializing in internal medicine who explained from a medical doctor’s perspective exactly why the corona virus is no more of a threat to healthy people than the seasonal flu. Dr. Simon also spoke about the dangers of passing so called red flag laws that give medically untrained politicians and judges the power to take away people’s right to defend themselves without due process.

American Patriot Dr. Frank Simon

After a day of honoring and learning about the Original American Patriots it was then time to be more like them. Ben Kennedy read a carefully prepared document containing a DECLARATION OF THE FREE CITIZENS OF KENTUCKY DEMANDING THE RESIGNATION OF GOVERNOR ANDY BESHEAR and then told everyone about how the Original American Patriots handled corrupt politicians that refused to uphold the laws. Referencing a famous story from American History when patriots gathered in Cambridge, Massachusetts on September 2, 1774 and then marched to an illegally appointed judges house and forced him to resign, Ben Kennedy explained how everyone there could be like Original American Patriots by joining him in going over to the nearby Governor’s Mansion to attempt to present their DECLARATION to the governor in person.

Original American Patriot
Patriot Declaration

Several hundred patriots joined Ben Kennedy in marching over to the Governor’s Mansion only a few hundred yards away from where the rally was being held. Unfortunately neither the Governor nor any of his representatives answered the door so the DECLARATION was taped to the front door for everyone to see.

Patriots Marching to Kentucky Governor’s Mansion
Patriot Declaration on Door of Governor’s Mansion

After returning from the Governor’s Mansion it was time to send a stronger message to the tyrant governor of Kentucky just like the Original American Patriots would have done. Ben Kennedy explained to everyone how it is an American tradition to hang tyrants in effigy as a way to send them a peaceful warning that their illegal actions will not be tolerated by the people. While Ben was speaking several patriots hung an effigy of the Governor of Kentucky in a tree for exactly the same reason. Ben then referred specifically to the famous Liberty Tree in Boston where on August 14, 1765, during the Stamp Act protests, patriots had hung a corrupt official in effigy which was the first of many such displays of patriotic defiance at the Liberty Tree.

Famous Liberty Tree in Boston with effigy hanging from it
Effigy of Governor of Kentucky

The effigy that the Original American Patriots had hung contained a sign that said: "What Greater Joy did ever New England see - Than a Stampman hanging on a Tree!" So a similar sign was placed on the effigy of the Governor of Kentucky containing the famous warning to all tyrants originating long ago in Roman times with opposition to the tyranny of Caesar: “SIC SEMPER TYRANNIS!” Meaning: Thus Always To Tyrants!

Patriot Day Rally at the Capital of Kentucky

After such a special day spent remembering and honoring the Original American Patriots the perfect way to end the rally was with a Benediction containing the same prayer that Jonas Clark had given on the one year anniversary of the opening shots fired on April 19, 1775, beginning the road to American Independence: “May that God, who is a God of righteousness and salvation, still appear for us, go forth with our armies, tread down our enemies, and cleanse and avenge our innocent blood. And may we be prepared, by a general repentance and thorough reformation, for his gracious and powerful interposition in our behalf; and then may we see the displays of his power and glory for our salvation. Which God of his infinite mercy grant, for his mercy's sake in Christ Jesus. AMEN!”

Washington Crossing Potomoc trusting the God of Our Fathers

Ben D. Kennedy - American Patriot

I want to thank every one of you Great American Patriots who joined us on Sunday at our rally because we took a real stand for Freedom that will inspire Americans all over our USA to do the same and I am proud of all of you! AS FAR AS WHAT HAPPENED AT THE RALLY I TAKE FULL RESPONSIBILITY FOR EVERYTHING BECAUSE THE MAID OF HEAVEN FOUNDATION IS MY ORGANIZTION THAT I CREATED TO HONOR ONE OF THE GREATEST FEEEDOM FIGHTERS WHO EVER LIVED: ST JOAN OF ARC! AND EVERYTHING THAT WE DID CARRIED ON IN THE INCREDIBLE TRADITION OF GREAT PATRIOTS LIKE HER WHO HAVE FOUGHT FOR FREEDOM DOWN THROUGH HISTORY! It is almost laughable now to see how badly the leftist news media is lying about what happened. If you were there you know I was wearing a foundation shield right on my chest and we had a 12 foot banner that displayed our shield in the center of everything right in front of the speaker’s podium. Everyone there clearly knew who organized this event and ran it yet I have not seen one mention of us in any of the leftist media reports. The lefties are apparently too afraid of Saint Joan’s legacy of freedom, and for good reason, because if she had been physically with us she would not only have given the tyrants today a peaceful warning like we did but she would have also attacked and annihilated them like she always did when she fought tyranny. And in speaking directly about hanging adolf andy in effigy all we did was send a PEACEFUL message to all the tyrants in America today that we will not tolerate them violating our sacred rights as declared by the highest laws of our land in the United States Constitution. Everyone knows how Andy Beshear has grossly violated our rights and has done everything that we accused him of in our DECLARATION OF THE FREE CITIZENS OF KENTUCKY DEMANDING THE RESIGNATION OF GOVERNOR ANDY BESHEAR! Everyone can clearly see how the leftie news media has completely ignored our Declaration which was the whole purpose of our marching over to the Governor’s Mansion to attempt to deliver it to him or one of his representatives in person as everyone who was at the rally knows.

Unfortunately the leftie media is causing some of the lukewarm patriots around here to now turn against us which is really sad. Anyone who really knows and loves the rights we have under the Constitution and the history of the Original American Patriots should be applauding what we accomplished at our rally because we sent a STRONG message to a bad tyrant. I guess when you don’t have the guts to do anything more than talk you have to attack those who do. As the legendary American Patriot Samuel Adams said it so well in the founding days of the USA: "If you love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget that you were ever our countrymen." THIS IS MY MESSAGE TO ANYONE WHO DARES TO CRTITICIZE ANY OF US THAT WERE THERE LAST SUNDAY STANDING FOR AMERICAN FREEDOM!

St. Joan of Arc THE Symbol of Patriotism
Because Freedom Comes From God It Takes the Power of God to Live Free! Card

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