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Below is the message for Week 23 from the book Glorious Messages About God & Freedom. Please use this message as your inspirational devotional message today for the UNLEASH GOD'S FULL POWER TRAINING PROGRAM and visit this page whenever you need to read the message that goes along with each day of the year as you proceed thorough this training program to UNLEASH GOD'S FULL POWER IN YOUR LIFE AND IN OUR WORLD!

***ATTENTION: Just as an elite athlete eats a diet that is much more "nutrient rich" than the average "sugary" diet so these messages are much more "rich" in God's Truth so give yourself plenty of time to digest them and get conditioned to this level of transformative messages about God!

Becoming Close To God In Order To Live Free!

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My message on this glorious Sunday of our Lord is about the simple but powerful words that serve as the guiding light for all of our work at the Maid of Heaven Foundation: Love God & Live Free! Christian soldiers correctly point out the key scripture in James 4:7 about resisting and overcoming evil: "Resist the devil, and he will flee from you." However few people seem to pay attention to the scriptures just before and just after this important scripture about resistance which are: "Submit yourselves therefore to God" and "Draw close to God and He will draw close to you." The lesson here is if you want to have the full power of God to resist evil then you better be as close to God as possible because HE IS YOUR SOURCE OF POWER to be able to resist and overcome any and all evil that we will ever face. And as Jesus reassures us in John 16:33 "be of good cheer; I have overcome the world!" which means that anyone who truly knows Christ will have His full power to overcome all the evil in our present world.
This is the exact reason that a young illiterate peasant girl was able to win some of the greatest military victories in the history of the world. Over and over again in the testimony of the people who knew Joan of Arc are statements like this one by the valiant knight who was in charge of her military household: "All of the Maid's(Joan of Arc) exploits seemed to me rather divine and miraculous than otherwise. It would have been impossible for any as young as the Maid to have performed such deeds except at the will and guidance of God." God was the source of Joan of Arc's power to overcome tyranny and restore freedom in her day just as He was the source of power for our original American patriots so if we want to overcome tyranny and regain freedom in our own time then we better learn from our great Christian ancestors to "LOVE GOD" as they did and become close to Him as they were so that we will also have the same power from God to defeat evil and "LIVE FREE!" Amen!

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