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Joan of Arc
By Philip Henry Stanhope (Lord Mahon)

Originally published in 1853 as a compilation of essays written by Philip Henry Stanhope about Joan Of Arc from the publication Lord Mahon's Historical Essays. This biography provides good coverage of Joan's life and is well written and easy to read however it is not as indepth as say Andrew Lang's Maid of France biography. For those just starting to learn Joan of Arc's history this book may be a good full biography to start with.

by Philip Henry Stanhope

                          Part 1 SOURCES OF HER HISTORY
                          Part 2 HER EARLY CHARACTER
                          Part 3 VILLAGE PARTIES
                          Part 4 HER VISIONS
                          Part 5 HER PARENTS ALARMED
                          Part 6 INVESTMENT OF ORLEANS
                          Part 7 PROGRESS OF THE SIEGE
                          Part 8 HER APPEAL TO BAUDRICOURT
                          Part 9 DE METZ AND POULENGY
                          Part 10 HER DEPARTURE FOR THE COURT
                          Part 11 CHARACTER OF CHARLES
                          Part 12 ERRORS OF HISTORIANS
                          Part 13 CHINON
                          Part 14 HER INTRODUCTION TO CHARLES
                          Part 15 HER POPULARITY
                          Part 16 HER VARIOUS EXAMINATIONS
                          Part 17 SHE REFORMS THE CAMP
                          Part 18 DISPUTE WITH THE FRENCH CHIEFS
                          Part 19 HER ENTRY INTO ORLEANS
                          Part 20 HER FIRST BATTLE
                          Part 21 LA HIRE'S PRAYER
                          Part 22 MISGIVING OF THE FRENCH CAPTAINS
                          Part 23 JOAN WOUNDED
                          Part 24 DEATH OF GLADSDALE
                          Part 25 THE SIEGE RAISED
                          Part 26 SIEGE OF JARGEAU
                          Part 27 BATTLE OF PATAY
                          Part 28 SURRENDER OF TROYES
                          Part 29 CORONATION OF CHARLES
                          Part 30 THE BROKEN SWORD
                          Part 31 SUPPINENESS OF CHARLES
                          Part 32 CATHERINE OF LA ROCHELLE
                          Part 33 SIEGE OF COMPIEGNE
                          Part 34 HER CAPTURE
                          Part 35 CRUELTY OF HER ENEMIES
                          Part 36 BROUGHT BEFORE HER JUDGES
                          Part 37 HER ANSWERS
                          Part 38 CHARGED WITH SORCERY AND HERESY
                          Part 39 HER BRUTAL TREATMENT
                          Part 40 HER EXECUTION
                          Part 41 PERSONATED BY AN IMPOSTOR
                          Part 42 SUMMARY OF HER CHARACTER
                          Part 43 HER FATE IN LITERATURE

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Joan of Arc MaidOfHeaven
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