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St. Joan of Arc Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage to Reims during Joan of Arc Festival in 2005

A great way to learn more about St. Joan of Arc is to go on a pilgrimage to France and visit the places where Joan once walked. Seeing firsthand the historic locations that Joan made famous in her life is not only educating but truly inspiring. If you are interested in making such a trip then you may want to look into the pilgrimages lead by Chris and Catherine Snidow detailed on their website

The Snidows have already led twelve pilgrimages to France retracing the footsteps of Joan of Arc and plan to lead a thirteenth in June of 2022 to investigazte Joan's "Deep France". Both Chris and Catherine are fluent in French and have spent years studying the life of Joan which aids their pilgrimages in being able to give people unique insights into Joan's life in a way unparalleled by any other experience. Below is a sample of what people have said after joining the Snidows on one of their pilgrimages:

"The Joan of Arc pilgrimage still stays with me with a lovely sweetness. You two did a
wonderful job in finding the places, the speakers and being flexible and yet making sure
we follow the agenda. We were very happy sheep being led into pastoral France and
delving into the life of Joan I came back feeling revived and refreshed. I will
absolutely recommend this to other people and please use my name as a reference. I met
such wonderful souls and I know I will be in touch with some of them. DO IT AGAIN!"
                                                                                                Sheena Singh, Toronto, Canada
2009 Pilgrimage inside the Joan of Arc Center in Domremy

To learn more about a pilgrimage with the Snidows please visit their website
Joan's "Deep France" 2022 PILGRIMAGE! Details Now Available - click banner below
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Domremy - the Hometown of Joan of Arc

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