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Joan of Arc Engraving
The Maid of Orleans

Engraving of Joan of Arc The Maid of Orleans
Steel Engraving of Joan of Arc from 1867 painting by Henrietta Ward
titled "The Maid of Orleans"
inspired by the words below from Philip Henry Stanhope's Historical Essays
"Her young heart beat high with enthusiasm for her native France, now beset and beleaguered by the island strangers. Her young fancy loved to dwell on those distant battles, the din of which might scarcely reach her quiet village, but each apparently hastening the ruin of her fatherland. We can picture to ourselves how earnestly the destined heroine-the future leader of armies-might question those chance travellers whom, as we are told, she delighted to relieve, and for whose use she would often resign her own chamber, as to each fresh report from the changeful scene of war."

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