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Jesus Maria

Joan of Arc's Banner French Holy Card
"There was written upon it, as it seems to me, these words: Jesus Maria, and it was fringed with silk." Joan of Arc's description of her banner during her trial in Rouen

The names Jesus and Maria were very important to Saint Joan of Arc and are the names of Jesus Christ and his mother Mary.

Michelangelo's statue The Pieta of the dead body of Jesus on the lap of his mother Mary

Joan of Arc had a great love for God and one of the most visible ways that she demonstrated her love was in displaying the names of her lord Jesus Christ and his mother Mary on many of her most personal items. Joan had these names placed on the
banner that she carried whenever she led the army of France. Joan also wore a small ring that contained three crosses along with Jesus Maria.
Joan of Arc's Ring with 3 crosses and Jesus Maria written upon it
"I think it had on it three crosses, and no other sign that I know except the words Jesus Maria" Joan of Arc describing her ring while she was testifying at her trial in Rouen

Even the letters that Joan sent out in her name usually contained Jesus Maria at the top of the letter along with one or two small crosses.


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