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Joan of Arc's Banner

Joan of Arc and her Banner
"I had a banner, the field of which was sown with lilies. On it the world was represented [the image of God holding the world] and two angels at the sides. It was of linen or white boucassin. There was written upon it, as it seems to me, these words: Jesus Maria, and it was fringed with silk." Joan of Arc's description of her banner at her trial in Rouen

Joan Of Arc carried a special banner (battle standard) that had been made by a Scottish painter (Hauves Poulvoir) while she was at Tours preparing herself to lead the army of France. Joan testified abut her banner at her trial and said that it had been created by the command of God and that she was given instructions about the design by Saint Catherine and Saint Margaret who told her to take it and bear it boldly.

Joan later stated that she preferred to carry her banner into battle so that she would not have to kill anyone. "I loved my banner forty times better than my sword. And when I went against my enemy, I carried my banner myself, lest I kill any. I have never killed anyone."

Joan of Arc Leading Her Army with Her Banner

Joan carried her banner at the coronation of Charles VII in the Cathedral of Reims and was later questioned at her trial about having it there to which she responded: "It had borne the burden; it was quite right that it receive the honor."

Joan of Arc with Her Banner at the Cornonation of Charles VII

Joan also had several smaller banners that were carried by the members of her military household to distinguish them on the battlefield. One contained a representation of the Annunciation (announcement to the virgin Mary by the archangel Gabriel that she would conceive Jesus Christ the Son of God) and Joan's chaplain Father Pasquerel carried one depicting the Crucifixion with the words Jesus-Mary which he used daily to gather the men around for prayer and worship services.
Image of Joan's Banner at Reims Cathedral Celebration - Photo from 2005 Pilgrimage with

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