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Michelangelo's statue The Pieta of the dead body of Jesus on the lap of his mother Mary

Christmas is a good time to talk about the real focus of Saint Joan of Arcís life as she was clearly focused upon serving Jesus Christ as she demonstrated in everything that she did during her life. Joan had the name of Jesus and his mother Mary placed upon her famous banner along with a picture of God holding the world. Go here for more about Joan's Banner

Joan also wore a ring that had been given to her by her parents that she described as having three crosses and the names of Jesus and Mary. Go here for more about Joan's Ring

Even the letters that Joan sent out usually contained a cross along with the names Jesus-Maria. Go here for more about Joan's Letters

In all that she did Joan of Arc honored Jesus and everyone around her saw her great faith and were inspired by her devotion and piety. The following words by Joanís childhood friend Hauviette are typical of the descriptions of Joan that were later recorded by everyone that knew her: "Joan was a good, simple and sweet-natured girl, she went often and of her own will to church and the sacred places and often she was ashamed because of people remarking how she went so devoutly to church."

Merry CHRISTmass to all or as Joan would say:


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