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Jacques d'Arc was the father of Joan Of Arc and was a farmer who owned about fifty acres of land around the small town of Domremy. Jacques was part of the "peasant class" but seems to have provided a comfortable level of living for his family that included Joan and three brothers and his wife Isabelle. When Joan was eleven Jacques was chosen to serve as a public official in Domremy with responsibilities that included collecting taxes and organizing the local defenses.

Jacques apparently had a premonition about Joan leaving with soldiers in a dream that scared him for Joan later testified at her trial:
"While I was still with my father and mother, my mother told me many times that my father had spoken of having dreamed that I, Jeannette, his daughter, would go away with men-at-arms. My father and mother took great care to keep me safe, and held me much in subjection. I obeyed them in everything, except in the case at Toul - the action for marriage. I have heard my mother say that my father told my brothers 'In truth, if I thought this thing would happen which I have dreamed about my daughter, I should want you to drown her; and if you would not, I would drown her myself.'"
Jacques must have quickly overcome his fears when Joan was appointed by Charles VII to command the armies of France for he allowed two of his sons, Pierre and Jean, to join Joan in her army. Jacques also traveled the long distance to Reims to see Joan during the coronation celebration. It is certain that Jacques was extremely proud of Joan by then and probably became even more so the day after the coronation when Charles, the newly crowned King, gave him a present of sixty francs, a large sum for a peasant of that day, and more importantly decreed that his hometown of Domremy was forever free of taxation.
"That in behalf and at the request of our most beloved Joan, the Maid, and for the great, high, notable, and profitable service which she had rendered to us, and each day renders in the recovery of our dominions, we have granted, and do grant, of special grace, by these presents, to the peasants and habitants of the towns and villages of Greux and Domremy, in the said district of Chaumont in Bassigny, that they be now and hereafter free, quit, exempt, of all taxes, aids, subsidies and subventions, placed and to placed on the said district."
Jacques d'Arc was the father of the hero of France and there is little doubt that he was revered by his people as exactly that. Little is known of Jacques after Reims. There is a legend that says he fell ill from grief after Joan was executed and died shortly thereafter however there is no real evidence that this happened. Whatever the case Jacques d'Arc will forever be revered as the father of Saint Joan of Arc a hero to all.

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