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The Hometown of Joan of Arc

Domremy the Hometown of Joan of Arc
"I was born in the town of Domremy which makes one with Greux. It is in Greux that the principle church is." Joan of Arc testifying about her hometown at her trial in Rouen

Joan Of Arc was born and lived in the small village of Domremy (now called Domremy-la-Pucelle meaning Domremy the Maid to honor Joan) until she left when she was sixteen to save France. Joan's parents Jacques and Isabelle were peasants who owned about fifty acres of land around Domremy and also a small house in Domremy pictured below that is still standing and looks pretty much as it did when Joan lived there.

House where Joan of Arc grew up in Domremy
Joan of Arc's house in Domremy

Joan's mother Isabelle latter described Joan's life while she was growing up in Domremy:
"I had a daughter born in lawful wedlock who grew up amid the fields and pastures. I had her baptized and confirmed and brought her up in the fear of God. I taught her respect for the traditions of the Church as much as I was able to do given her age and simplicity of her condition. I succeeded so well that she spent much of her time in church and after having gone to confession she received the sacrament of the Eucharist every month. Because the people suffered so much, she had a great compassion for them in her heart and despite her youth she would fast and pray for them with great devotion and fervor."
Church of Saint-Remy in the Hometown of Joan of Arc

The Church of Saint-Remy was located right next door to Joan's house and was where she was baptized and spent so much of her time praying. The church warden when Joan lived in Domremy, Perrin Drappier, later described Joan and her visits to the church:
"Joan the Maid, in the time of her youth until she left her father's house, was a good, chaste and simple girl, modest in manner, taking not the name of God nor of His saints in vain, fearing God. She went frequently to church and frequently confessed. The cause of my knowing this is that I was, in those days, churchwarden at the church of Domremy and often did I see Joan come to church, to Mass and to Compline. And when I did not ring the bells for Compline, Joan would catch me and scold me, saying that I had not done well; and she even promised to give me some wool if I would be punctual in ringing for Compline. And Joan went often with her sisters and others to the church and hermitage of Bermont , founded in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary. She gave liberal alms, and worked gladly, spinning and doing the other necessary tasks, and sometimes she went out plouughing, and took her turn guarding the cattle."
Statue of Joan of Arc in Domremy

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