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The book Maid of Heaven is no longer in print. Due to serious problems I experienced with the company that printed the book, Lightning Source, that are detailed in the complaint below to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) I had to stop dealing with this company. I am hopeful that I will be able to make a deal with another company to get the book back into print however I am going to be very careful about who I deal with in the future so it may not be any time soon. I apologize to anyone desiring to purchase Maid of Heaven for the inconvenience and hope that everyone understands this is certainly not my choice for it to be out of print. You may still be able to find a used copy online at one of the retailers listed below on this page:

February 8, 2012

Better Business Bureau
3033 Wilson Blvd Suite 600
Arlington, VA 22201

Dear Better Business Bureau:

Lightning Source is a book printing company owned by Ingram the world's largest book distributor, something their employees readily promote, which I now realize is how they con people like me into paying at least double to triple above the price that traditional book printers charge for their print-on-demand books of inferior quality. They make you believe that it is worth the extra cost because your book will receive greater distribution and greater sales but after dealing with this company for over six years this was certainly not my experience. I ended up spending over 22K with this company on two books but only a small percentage were every actually purchased by anyone other than me. The 22K includes all the books I purchased from them at their inflated prices as well as all of the setup charges and numerous other fees that they charged.

Like most authors my dream was to share the books I had written with as many people as I could. Like a good con-man this company took advantage of my dream and got me to spend a lot of money with them for nothing. After six years of effort to sell my books which included creating what has become the largest website in the world about Saint Joan of Arc to promote the book I had written about her, I came to the conclusion that something was seriously wrong when the sales that Lightning Source reported showed little increase. I contacted Lightning Source to try to figure out how it was possible that sales were still low when the website was receiving close to 100K pageviews every month. Instead of trying to cooperate with me to fix whatever the problem was their employees became very defensive and some were even hostile.

Shortly after I began questioning Lightning Source about the low sales of my books I guess they must have realized that I was finally on to them and that they better hit me for one more "big score" while they could. After a total of only 1 book returned in almost 6 years they suddenly claimed that they had received 410 books returned and that I owed them over 3 thousand dollars for these returns(nice profit if they ever even printed the books to begin with since it costs less than $1 to print a copy). I immediately questioned them specifically about these books but they refused for over a year to give me any exact details about who it was that had returned these 410 books and why they were suddenly returned when they were. Eventually they did have to tell me who it was that had returned these books and big surprise when they claimed that the returns were all from their own parent distribution company Ingram.

The bottom line for me on this company is that I spent a lot of money with them but they completely failed to help me achieve my ultimate goal of sharing my books with the public. Of course who knows how many of my books were actually printed and sold since there is no way for me to verify the numbers that they gave to me. The whole issue of them claiming to print a bunch of books returned by their own parent company shows the lengths to which this company will go to cheat you. I know my books were still listed for sale at places like Amazon over a year after I closed my account with them and until I started sending letters to both Lighting Source and Ingram about copyright infringement. Then suddenly the books sold out. It is now eight years after I started dealing with this company and my books are no longer in print and I am out a lot of time and money. If this is not a scam then I don't know what is.


Ben D. Kennedy

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