Joan of Arc - Maid of Heaven

The Song of Joan of Arc
By Christine de Pisan
Stanza 53

Christine de Pisan famous 15th century poet and writer

I don't know if Paris will hold out,
(For they have not reached there yet),
or if the Maid will delay or they resist
but if they act as her foe I am willing to bet
she will subject it to a fierce attack.
If they try to resist for an hour, nay
even half an hour, then I believe it bad
for things will not go their way.

Original in French

Ne sÁay se Paris se tendra
(Car encoures n'y sont-ilz mie),
Ne se la Pucelle attendra,
Mais s'il en fait son ennemie,
Je me doubt que dure escremie
Lui rende, si qu'ailleurs a fait.
S'ilz resistent heure ne demie,
Mal ira, je croy, de son fait,1


1 French from original fifteenth century manuscript referenced as Berne 205 and contained in: Pisan, Christine de, Ditiť de Jeanne d'Arc, ed. A. J. Kennedy and K. Varty, Oxford: Society for the Study of Medieval Languages and Literature, 1977.

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