Joan of Arc - Maid of Heaven

The Song of Joan of Arc
By Christine de Pisan
Stanza 35

A girl only sixteen years old,
(Is this not something supernatural?)
who notices little the arms she bears
for she has been brought up for this,
so strong and resolute and natural.
And not one of her enemies can stand up to her
and instead they flee before her and run.
She does all this in plain view of everyone.

Original in French

Une fillete de XVI ans
(N'est-ce pas chose fors nature?),
A qui armes ne sont pesans,
Ains semble que sa norriture
Y soit, tant y est fort et dure!
Et devant elle vont fuyant
Les ennemis, ne nul n'y dure.
Elle fait ce, mains yeulx voiant,1


1 French from original fifteenth century manuscript referenced as Berne 205 and contained in: Pisan, Christine de, Ditiť de Jeanne d'Arc, ed. A. J. Kennedy and K. Varty, Oxford: Society for the Study of Medieval Languages and Literature, 1977.

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