Joan of Arc - Maid of Heaven

The Song of Joan of Arc
By Christine de Pisan
Stanza 27

Much has been made of Gideon,
who was but a simple working man.
Yet God (the story goes) made him fight
and nothing could stand before him
and he conquered everything in sight.
But however God helped him excel
He never performed as great a deed,
as He did for Joan la pucelle.

Original in French

De Gedeon on fait grant compte,
Qui simple laboureur estoit,
Et Dieu le fist, ce dit le conte,
Combatre, ne nul n'arrestoit
Contre lui, et tout conquestoit.
Mais onc miracle si appert
Ne fist, quoy qu'Il ammonestoit,
Com pour ceste fait, il appert.1


1 French from original fifteenth century manuscript referenced as Berne 205 and contained in: Pisan, Christine de, Ditiť de Jeanne d'Arc, ed. A. J. Kennedy and K. Varty, Oxford: Society for the Study of Medieval Languages and Literature, 1977.

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