Joan of Arc - Maid of Heaven

The Song of Joan of Arc
By Christine de Pisan
Stanza 25

For if God worked many miracles
by Joshua who conquered many a land,
and cast down many an enemy
it was much easier to understand.
For he, Joshua, was a powerful man.
But after all, a simple woman and yet
braver than any man to fight for Rome,
This before has never been known.
But for God this was easy!

Original in French

Car, se Dieu fist par Josué
Des miracles à si grant somme,
Conquérant lieux, et jus rué
Y furent maint, il estoit homme
Fort et puissant. Mais, toute somme,
Une femme -- simple bergiere -
Plus preux qu'onc homs ne fut à Romme!
Quant à Dieu, c'est chose legiere.1


1 French from original fifteenth century manuscript referenced as Berne 205 and contained in: Pisan, Christine de, Ditié de Jeanne d'Arc, ed. A. J. Kennedy and K. Varty, Oxford: Society for the Study of Medieval Languages and Literature, 1977.

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