Joan of Arc - Maid of Heaven

The Song of Joan of Arc
By Christine de Pisan
Stanza 14

In such a short time, when all thought
that it was quite impossible for you to
recover your country even if you fought,
Once it was lost but now it is yours
despite all those who harmed your heart,
you have recovered it. And all due to
the intellegence of the Maid who, thanks
to God, most expertly played her part.

Original in French

En peu de temps; que l'on cuidoit
Que ce feust com chose impossible
Que ton pays, qui se perdoit,
Reusses jamais. Or est visible-
Ment tien, [puis que] qui que nuisible
T'ait esté, tu l'as recouvré!
C'est par la Pucelle sensible,
Dieu mercy, qui y a ouvré!1


1 French from original fifteenth century manuscript referenced as Berne 205 and contained in: Pisan, Christine de, Ditié de Jeanne d'Arc, ed. A. J. Kennedy and K. Varty, Oxford: Society for the Study of Medieval Languages and Literature, 1977.

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