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Joan of Arc in armor leading the charge
Actual signature of Joan of Arc from a letter to the people of Reims on March 28, 1430

Picture of Postcard showing Joan of Arc with Banner & Shield

Very dear and good friends, may it please you to know that I have received your letters, which mention how word had been brought to the king that within the good city of Rheims there is much evil. If you wish to know, it has, in fact, been reported that there were many who belonged to a conspiracy and who would have betrayed the city and brought in the Burgundians. But thereafter the king learned otherwise because you had sent him assurances, for which he is well pleased with you. And know that you are in his favor, and if you will have to fight, he will aid you in the event of a siege. And he well knows that you have much suffering to endure from the hardships which these treasonous Burgundian enemies inflict on you; so he will deliver you, if it pleases God, very soon - that is to say, the very soonest that he can. So I pray and request, very dear friends, that you defend the city for the King and that you keep good watch. You will soon hear my good news in greater detail. I will not write any more for the present except that all of Brittany is French, and the Duke must send three thousand soldiers to the king, paid for two months. I commend you to God, may He watch over you. Written at Sully on the 28th of March.

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