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Picture of Cathedral of Reims
"Huzzah after huzzah swept the army from van to rear; and as for Joan, there where she sat her horse gazing, clothed all in white armor, dreamy, beautiful, and in her face a deep, deep joy, a joy not of earth, oh, she was not flesh, she was spirit! Her sublime mission was closing-closing in flawless triumph." Mark Twain describing the entry of Joan Of Arc into Reims

The pinnacle of Joan of Arc's career occurred on July17, 1429 when Charles VII was crowned King of France in the Cathedral of Reims. Joan was later described as kneeling before Charles while embracing his legs and through tears of joy looking up at him and saying: "Noble King, now is accomplished the pleasure of God, who willed that I should raise the siege of Orleans and should bring you to this city of Reims to receive your holy coronation, thus showing that you are the true King, him to whom the throne of France must belong."

Reenactment of the crowning of Charles VII in Cathedral of Reims
Cathedral of Reims reenactment Charles VII crowning as King of France
Inside Cathedral of Reims during Reenactment of the crowning and of Charles VII

When Joan began her mission she had proclaimed that she would lead Charles VII to his coronation and anointing. "I have come to you on the part of my Lord, in order that you may send word to the Dauphin, to hold fast, and to not cease war against his enemies. Before mid-Lent the Lord will give him help. In truth, the kingdom belongs not to the Dauphin, but to my Lord. But my Lord wills that the Dauphin be made King, and have the kingdom in command. Notwithstanding his enemies, the Dauphin will be made King, and it is I who will conduct him to the coronation."
Sign at Cathedral of Reims describing the coronation of French Kings

Joan understood that to ultimately save France she had to have Charles VII crowned King in the traditional manner in order to unite all the people of France behind one leader. While it took many more years for France to be completely free of English rule that day in Reims was the major turning point. For Joan of Arc it was her "crowning achievement" and one for which she was undoubtedly overjoyed.

Joan of Arc at coronation of Charles VII at Reims Cathedral by Jules-Eugene Lenepveu

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