Joan of Arc - Maid of Heaven

Joan of Arc Play
by J.A. Sargant

Act 2 - Scene 5
An English Camp

Suffolk, Officers, &c.

Suff. To arms! sound an alarm!
Summon our chiefs!—each to his post!—away!

Enter Warwick and John Talbot.

War. War's hounds have slipped again their leash,
And bear upon us.—Hark! the cry is up.

Suf. Be thine then first to meet the foe.

[Exit Warwick.

John T. And I!
Oh! give me danger's post!—forget my youth;—
Think the father's honour hangs on the son.

Suf. Seek Warwick's side.

John T. My deeds shall thank thee. Father!
Oh! tarry only till this field I've fought.
We must not meet till I have proved this gift,
Whose motto to the sun I now display,[1] (draws his sword,)
And claim it witness to the truth it speaks.
For my brave sire, old England, and St. George!


[1] Sum Talboti, sur vincere inimicos meos.

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