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Joan of Arc's Victory at Orleans
Official Entry in Parliament of Paris Record May 10, 1429

On May 10, 1429 news of Joan of Arc's victory at Orleans reached Paris and was recorded in the official register for the Parliament of Paris by the clerk Clement de Fauquembergue who also drew a sketch of Joan in the border of the document.

Tuesday, 10th day of May, it was reported and publicly proclaimed in Paris that on Sunday the last the people of the Dauphin in great number, after many assaults continuously maintained, by force of arms entered into the Bastille that William Glasdale and other captains held for the King of England, also the tower at the end of the bridge of Orleans, across the Loire, before the city of Orleans, left these Bastilles and raised the siege to go to the aid of the aforesaid Glasdale and his companions, and to give battle to the enemies who have in their company maid having only a banner, among the enemies, as it is said. What the outcome will be is known only by God of the armies, Chief and all powerful Prince of battles.

Official Entry in Pariliament of Paris record about Joan of Arc's victory at Orleans

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