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Joan of Arc Opera in Three Acts
by Steven Jobe

Joan of Arc Opera Three Acts

If you enjoy opera then I definitely think you will enjoy Steven Jobe’s new opera about St. Joan of Arc performed in three acts. Even if you are not an opera fan I think you will still enjoy the captivating music that Jobe intertwines with the story of Joan’s life. Many of the musical compositions reminded me more of modern musical theater than classical opera so if you like musicals like Les Miserables then you should greatly enjoy this musical version of Joan’s life. The three acts in this opera take you through Joan’s entire life story from the visions of her youth through her glorious military triumphs to her ultimate tragic end. The music compliments Joan’s history very well having a medieval religious tone in the beginning then a medieval military tone and ultimately a tragic tone to accompany the main themes of Joan’s life. I was personally moved by the inclusion of bagpipes which may seem out of place in a piece about Joan of Arc however most people are not aware of the huge role that Scottish soldiers played in Joan’s military success and that she was greeted by Scottish bagpipers playing a traditional Scottish military tune when she first entered Orleans. This is one example of the musical attention to detail by Steven Jobe that makes this opera a unique and special tribute to Joan of Arc the Maid of Orleans. If you have a chance to see this opera live then definitely go as it will only add to your understanding of St. Joan of Arc and her history. For more details visit the page online about this Joan of Arc Opera.

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