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The Passion of Joan of Arc 1928

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The Passion of Joan of Arc is a great old silent film about the trial and execution of Saint Joan of Arc. Made in 1928 by Carl Dryer the film is considered one of the greatest films ever made. The centerpiece is the superb performance by the lead actress Renee Falconetti. The title "Passion" perfectly describes her performance as she totally immerses herself in the role of Joan. The historical accuracy is very good but some poetic license is used which can be forgiven when the resulting production stays so true to the story as this one does. The original does contain French subtitles so you will need to either read French or be very familiar with the story to understand everything. You can get a version that has English subtitles from Amazon. The Amazon version also contains a recent musical soundtrack by Richard Einhorn titled Voices of Light that is very good. You can also find the original version of The Passion of Joan of Arc online several places where you can watch it for free such as on the page below by clicking on the picture below:
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