Joan of Arc - Maid of Heaven

by Friedrich Schiller


        Musicians, with flutes and hautboys, open the procession. Children
        follow, dressed in white, with branches in their hands; behind them
        two heralds. Then a procession of halberdiers, followed by
        magistrates in their robes. Then two marshals with their staves;
        the DUKE of BURGUNDY, bearing the sword; DUNOIS with the sceptre,
        other nobles with the regalia; others with sacrificial offerings.
        Behind these, KNIGHTS with the ornaments of their order; choristers
        with incense; two BISHOPS with the ampulla; the ARCHBISHOP with the
        crucifix. JOHANNA follows, with her banner, she walks with downcast
        head and wavering steps; her sisters, on beholding her, express
        their astonishment and joy. Behind her comes the KING under a
        canopy, supported by four barons; courtiers follow, soldiers
        conclude the procession; as soon as it has entered the church the
        music ceases.

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