Joan of Arc - Maid of Heaven

by Friedrich Schiller


        JOHANNA with her banner, in a helmet and breastplate,
        otherwise attired as a woman. DUNOIS, LA HIRE, knights
        and soldiers appear above upon the rocky path, pass
        silently over, and appear immediately after on the scene.

JOHANNA (to the knights who surround her while the
        procession continues above).
The wall is scaled and we are in the camp!
Now fling aside the mantle of still night,
Which hitherto hath veiled your silent march,
And your dread presence to the foe proclaim.
By your loud battle-cry--God and the maiden!

ALL (exclaim aloud, amidst the loud clang of arms).
God and the maiden!
        [Drums and trumpets.]

SENTINELS (behind the scene).
The foe! The foe! The foe!

Ho! torches here. Hurl fire into the tents!
Let the devouring flames augment the horror,
While threatening death doth compass them around!

        [Soldiers hasten on, she is about to follow.]

DUNOIS (holding her back).
Thy part thou hast accomplished now, Johanna!
Into the camp thou hast conducted us,
The foe thou hast delivered in our hands,
Now from the rush of war remain apart!
The bloody consummation leave to us.

Point out the path of conquest to the host;
Before us, in pure hand, the banner bear.
But wield the fatal weapon not thyself;
Tempt not the treacherous god of battle, for
He rageth blindly, and he spareth not.

Who dares impede my progress? Who presume
The spirit to control which guideth me?
Still must the arrow wing its destined flight!
Where danger is, there must Johanna be;
Nor now, nor here, am I foredoomed to fall;
Our monarch's royal brow I first must see
Invested with the round of sovereignty.
No hostile power can rob me of my life,
Till I've accomplished the commands of God.

        [She goes out.]

Come, let us follow after her, Dunois,
And let our valiant bosoms be her shield!


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