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Joan of Arc's Letter To City of Tours
Asking For Gift to Heliote Poulvoir
Early January 1430

While Joan had been at Tours preparing for battle she had become friends with the daughter of Hauves Poulvoir the Scottish painter who had created her banner. When Joan found out that Heliote Poulvoir was to be married she wrote to the city of Tours asking for a gift of 100 ecus toward the purchase of Heliote's bridal gown. The letter did not survive but several references about Joan's request were recorded in the city's records. On February 7, 1430, the city decided against paying for Heliote's bridal gown instead deciding to pay for some food and wine on her wedding day.

"For the love and honor of the aforesaid Maid, the men of the church, burgesses, and inhabitants will do honor to the said girl at ther wedding, which will be next Thursday, and will invite for her in the name of the city; and to make invitation to notable men of the city is ordered that Michau Hardoin notary of the said city has been appointed. And bread and wine will given to this girl on her wedding day; that is to say, bread from a septier of wheat, and four jalayes of wine."

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