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Joan of Arc's Letter to the City of Riom
November 9, 1429

Picture of Letter Joan of Arc sent to the city of Reims
Letter to the people of Riom dated November 9, 1429, signed by Joan
Addressed: To my dear and good friends, men of the Church, burgesses and habitants of the City of Riom
Dear and good friends: you well know how the town of Saint-Pierre-le-Moutier was taken by assault; and with God's help I intend to clear out the other places which are against the King. But because great expenditure of powder, projectiles, and other war materials had been made before the said town, and because myself and the lords who are at this town are so poorly supplied for laying siege to La Charité, where we are presently going, I beg of you, upon whatever love you have for the welfare and honor of the King and also all the others here, that you will immediately send and donate for the siege powder, saltpeter, sulfur, projectiles, stout crossbows, and other materials of war. And do well enough in this matter that the work will not drag out for lack of supplies, and that no one can say you were negligent or unwilling. Dear and good friends, may Our Lord protect you. Written at Moulins the ninth day of November. Jehanne

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