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Joan of Arc's 2nd Letter to Reims
March 16, 1430

Letter to the people of Reims dated March 16, 1430, signed by Joan
Addressed: To my very dear and good friends, men of the Church, bourgeois, and other inhabitants of the town of Reims
Very dear and well-beloved, whom I greatly desire to see: I Joan the Maid have received your letters mentioning that you fear facing a siege. Know then that you will not, if I can meet them [the enemy] soon. And if it should so happen that I do not intercept them and they come against you, then shut your gates, for I will be with you shortly. And if they are there I will make them put on their spurs in such haste that they won't be able to do so; and their time will be short, for this will be soon. I won't write you anything else for the present, except that you should always be obedient and loyal. I pray to God to hold you in His keeping. Written at Sully the 16th day of March. I would send you some further news which would make you quite happy, but I fear that the letters would be captured on the road, and that the news would be seen.

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