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Joan of Arc's Letter To Her Parents
Sent Sometime in the Spring of 1429

At her trial Joan was asked about leaving home without the permission of her parents. Jacques and Isabelle d'Arc, and in responding she referenced a letter she had sent to her parents about leaving and said that they had forgiven her.

March 12, 1431 Joan responded to the question: "Since one must honor father and mother, did you think you were doing well by going away without their permission?"
"In everything I obeyed them well, except in this going, afterwards I wrote to them about it and they gave me their forgiveness."

Joan was further asked: "When you left your father and mother do you think that you sinned?" to which she responded:
"Since God had commanded it, it was right to do it. Since God commanded it, had I had a hundred fathers and a hundred mothers, had I been a King's daughter still I would have gone."

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