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Joan of Arc's 2ndLetter To The English
Around April 30, 1429

As described by Jean, Cout of Dunois the Bastard of Orleans, during his testominy at Joan's trial of rehabilitation about this letter:
"I have another reason for believing that her deeds were of God. I wanted to go and fetch the soldiers who had crossed at Blois to come and help the ones in the city, but Joan was disposed to neither wait nor consent that I go after them. She did in fact address to the English a letter, written in her mother tongue, to raise the siege or, if they refused, to attack them so strongly they would be forced to retire. This letter was addressed to my Lord Talbot. And I affirm that from that hour, while formerly the English with two hundred of theirs could put to flight a thousand of ours, it required only four or five hundred of our soldiers to combat all the power of the English, and we were so successful with the enemy that they no longer dared to leave their strongholds and bastilles."

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