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Joan of Arc's Letter to the Count of Armagnac
August, 22, 1429

Picture of Letter Joan of Arc sent to the city of Reims
Letter to the Count of Armagnac dated August, 22, 1429, from Joan of Arc
Jesus + Maria
Count of Armagnac, my very dear and good friend: Joan the Maid informs you that your messenger has arrived, who told me that you sent him here in order to learn from me which of the three Popes, which you asked about in your letter, you should believe in. Concerning which, I cannot very well tell you truly for the time being, until I am at Paris or elsewhere at ease, for at present I am too occupied with the war; but when you learn that I am in Paris, send a messenger to me and I will let you know truthfully whom you should believe, and what I will have learned about this matter through the counsel of my rightful and sovereign Lord, the King of all the World, and what you are to do, to the best of my power. I commend you to God; may God watch over you. Written at Compiègne, the 22nd day of August.

Joan of Arc MaidOfHeaven
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