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Joan of Arc's Letter To Charles VII
March 1429

Painting of Carles VII of France
As described by Joan at her trial she sent "letters" to Charles VII while she was at the town of St. Catherine de Fierbois on her way to Chinon. In the letter or letters Joan said she had traveled "a good hundred and fifty leagues (over 500 miles) to reach him for his aid and knew many things for his good." She also remembered stating that she "would know him among all the others." Below are the references to this letter by Joan during her testimony at her trial:

February 22, 1431 Joan testified at her trial:
"I arrived near the King without interference. Being at St. Catherine de Fierbois, I sent word to the King, and later went to the chateau of Chinon where the King was."

February 27, 1431 Joan responded to the question: "Were you at St. Catherine de Fierbois?"
"Yes, and I heard three masses there in one day, and afterwards went to Chinon, From de Fierbois I sent letters to the King, to ask if I should enter the city where he was; that I had traveled a good hundred and fifty leagues to reach him for his aid and knew many things for his good. And it seemed to me that I said in these letters that I would know him among all the others."

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