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Jean Massieu
Court Bailiff at Joan of Arc's Trial

Painting of Joan of Arc's death at the stake with prieset holding cross
"And so while she was still uttering devoted praise and lamentations to God and the saints, she was led and tied to the stake. And her last word, as she died, was a loud cry of 'Jesus'."
(To read Jean Massieu's statement about Joan of Arc's final day go to Joan of Arc Feast Day)

Jean Massieu, priest, doyen, served as bailiff during the Trial of Joan of Arc. We see that on October 1', '1430, that the city of Rouen recognized a debt Of .47-los, a sum which he had loaned the city. He is called the dean of la £7.10 s, of Rouen, in 1431; that is, according to Quicherat, syndic of the priests of the division of the diocese calling itself the Doyenné de la Chrétienté On February 3, 1431, Jean Massieu was fined for having received money in the cemetery of the cathedral, exempt from the bishop's jurisdiction, from certain priests and clerks cited by him. Massieu made many trips to Bâle in the matter of the "liberties of the Church"; in 1434 he was sent to locate a malefactor. We discover that action is taken against Thomas Milton, chaplain of the Lord of Fauquemberge and Jean Massieu, former dean of la Chrétienté, for bad manners. Jean Massieu, priest of the parish of Saint-Maclou, is prosecuted later for misconduct. In 1450 he is referred to as a canon, cure of Saint Cande le Vieux, upon the endowment of 300 livres by Pierre Cauchon, in honor of the Holy Sacrament.

Jean Massieu testified in 1450 and was a witness at the Rehabilitation, on December 17, 1455. He was then said to be about fifty years old. He denounced the hatred the English bore Jeanne, and accused Pierre Cauchon of extreme docility in respect to them.
(Biography from The Trial of Joan of Arc by W.P. Barrett)

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