Joan of Arc - Maid of Heaven

The Girl in White Armor
The Story of Joan of Arc

By Albert Bigelow Paine

Joan's story as here set down is history. Every
episode and detail of it is from the sworn testimony taken
at her two trials and from authentic contemporary chronicles.
Nothing is invented. From the first page to the last is is all true.

                                    Albert Bigelow Paine 1927


I. The Tree 1
II. The Voices 9
III. The Voices Obeyed 19
IV. Joan Rides to the King 31
V. At the Court of Charles VII 36
VI. Joan Before the Wise Men 41
VII. The Maid Prepares for War 51
VIII. The Girl in White Armor 55
IX. Orleans 65
X. The Maid of Orleans 69
XI. The Campaign of the Loire 83
XII. The Coronation Journey 100
XIII. Reims 110
XIV. Charles the Deluded 117
XV. Paris 126
XVI. Back to the Loire 132
XVII. The Maid's Last Campaign 137
XVIII. Captivity 147
XIX. Rouen 156
XX. Afterward 207
XXI. Footprints of Joan 216
Joan of Arc: a Chronology 241
Index 243

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