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Joan of Arc's Coat of Arms

Shield with Joan of Arc's Coat of Arms
"She also had her coat-of-arms painted with two lilies in a field azure, and in the midst of the lilies a sword argent, a hilt and guard , with the point surmounted by a crown"
Description of Joan's coat-of-arms from her trial record

Joan of Arc was given armorial bearings by Charles VII on June 2 , 1429, which he was reported to have drawn himself. The design as depicted in the image at the beginning of this page contained two fleur-de-lis "in a field azure" (meaning on a French royal blue background) with a sword between them supporting a crown. Joan was asked at her trial about having a shield with her coat-of-arms but she said that the King had granted arms to her brothers and that she had never had a shield with the coat-of-arms herself.

Document granting Joan of Arc Armorial Bearings
Original document showing coat of arms given to Joan of Arc by Charles VII

Of the Maid                                                                                                             Joan
The second day of June, 1429, the said Lord King having learned of the feats of valor of Joan the Maid and of the victories obtained by the gift of God and the intervention of her Council, gave, being in the city of Chinon, armorial bearings to the said Maid, to decorate her standard and herself, of the pattern which follows: (See drawing in document above) Giving charge to the Duke of Alencon and the said Maid of the siege of Jargeau.

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