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Hundred Years War Battles
and Joan of Arc

The battles listed below are the major battles that were fought during the Hundred Years War starting with the Battle of Cadsand in 1337 and ending with the Battle of Castillon in 1453. This list dramatically depicts the huge impact of Joan of Arc when she began leading the French forces in 1429 at the Battle of Orleans. One can see how the English won almost all of the battles in the 100 Years War prior to the arrival of Joan of Arc. After Joan of Arc arrived on the scene the French won every major battle and ultimately won the Hundred Years War.

          Battle                                                 Date                                 Result
Battle of Cadsand                           November 1337                 English victory
Naval Battle of Sluys                       24 June 1340                     English victory
Battle of Auberoche                       21 October 1345                 English victory
Siege of Calais                         September-August 1346           English victory
Battle of Crecy                                 26 August 1346                   English victory
Battle of Saint-Pol-de-Leon             9 June 1346                       English victory
Battle of La Roche-Derrien             18 June 1347                       English victory
Battle of Saintes                                 1 April 1351                       English victory
Battle of Ardres                                   6 June 1351                       French victory
Battle of Mauron                             14 August 1352                   English victory
Battle of Poitiers                           13 September 1356                 English victory
Battle of Auray                               29 September 1364               English victory
Battle of Navarrette (Najera)           3 April 1367                       English victory
Battle of Montiel                             14 March 1369                     French victory
Battle of Chiset (Chizai)                         1373                               French victory
Siege of Harfleur                       18 Aug - 22 Sept 1415                 English victory
Battle of Agincourt                         25 October 1415                   English victory
Siege of Rouen                             July 1418 - Jan 1419                 English victory
Battle of Bauge                                 21 March 1421                     Franco-Scots victory
Battle of Cravant                                 31 July 1423                       English victory
Battle of Verneuil                             17 August 1423                     English victory
Battle of St. James                             6 March 1426                       English victory
Battle of Rouvray                           12 February 1429                   English victory

Battle of Orleans                                 6-8 May 1429                     French victory
Battle of Jargeau                               11-12 May 1429                     French victory
Battle of Meung-sur-Loire               15 June 1429                         French victory
Battle of Beaugency                         16-17 June 1429                     French victory
Battle of Patay                                     18 June 1429                       French victory
Siege of Compiegne                     May - October 1430                 French victory
Battle of Gerbevoy                           1 January 1435                       French victory
Battle of Formigny                             15 April 1450                       French victory
Battle of Castillon                               17 July 1453                         French victory

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