Joan of Arc - Maid of Heaven

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Ben D. Kennedy has become known as the "Poet of Freedom" for his beautiful and thought-provoking poems at that include public favorites like: A Place Known as America, Duty Honor Country, and Rebel Yell! In Maid of Heaven: The Story of Saint Joan of Arc, Ben is at his very best creating a true classic about one of the greatest people to ever live: Saint Joan of Arc

Ben is also the Poet Laureate of, where he has written extensively about life in America through his beautiful poems like: A Place Known as America, Duty Honor Country, and Rebel Yell! Ben is also the author of Why is America so Fat? a critically acclaimed book covering the fraud and corruption of the heathcare system and the FDA. For more information about Ben and his other writings, please visit his other websites:

Why is America So Fat?

Google Books Preview for Why Is America So FAT?


This coat-of-arms belonged to Sir Hugh Kennedy who was a Scottish Knight who fought with Saint Joan of Arc.  Learn more about him and the other Scots who fought for France by clicking this coat-of-arms
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Joan of Arc MaidOfHeaven
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